Step 1:
Click to open the EJEAS official website affiliate program link:

Step 2:
Fill in your basic information.

Your Name


Account Email

Payment Email

Step 3:

Website URL Your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or other social media platform promotional page link.

Step 4:
How will you promote us? Suggestion: Please fill in the names of the social media platforms where you can promote EJEAS products, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Step 5:
Agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then click the “REGISTER” button.

Step 6:
After successfully becoming an EJEAS affiliate member, fill in the following information: Page URL (Search for the product link on the EJEAS official website that corresponds to the product you are promoting. Note that products are available as single packs or double packs, so select accordingly based on your preference.) If you’re unsure where to find it, you can use this link:

On the EJEAS official website homepage, select the motorcycle products category, and then choose the specific product subcategory to enter.

Find the product you want to promote, and click on the product.

Copy the URL link of that product and paste it into the “Page URL” field as indicated by the red arrow.

Step 7:
Campaign Name (optional) (This is an optional field and can be left blank.)

Step 8:

Click on “GENERATE URL” to create your unique affiliate link. This link will be used for tracking sales generated from your social media platforms to EJEAS. After sales are generated through this link, EJEAS will provide you with a commission of 15% of the total product transaction price to your PayPal account on a monthly basis.

Important Note:

Note 1: If registered users experience login issues, you can visit this website address to log in to your account:

Clicking the button indicated by the arrow allows you to modify the products you want to promote. Additionally, within the other information of this account, you can view your sales data.

Important Note:

Note 2: How does TIKTOK place EJEAS promotion links?

Solution: At present, TIKTOK can only set the website editor to place short links on the personal profile of the account homepage (you can contact EJEAS marketing staff to help generate short links). Placing promotional links in the comment area and video description may lead to account violations.

How to place a short link demo in TIKTOK

You can input the short link generated with the assistance of our official EJEAS marketing personnel into the website section.

Important Note:
Note 3:
How to generate promotional links for other products if you wish to promote them?

Solution: Visit this website address to log in to your account:

Click the button indicated by the arrow below that reads “BECOME AN AFFILIATE.

Upon arriving at your affiliate page, locate the corresponding product page link from the official EJEAS website that you wish to promote. Place this link into the “Page URL” field. After copying the link of the specific product, paste it into the “Page URL” field. Click “GENERATE URL” to create your unique link.

Additionally, if you have a TikTok account, you can provide the promotional link to EJEAS marketing personnel to assist you in generating a short link. If you intend to promote all of EJEAS’ products, simply insert the EJEAS official website’s product page link into the “Page URL” field and click “GENERATE URL.”

For any future inquiries regarding EJEAS affiliate program registration, you can contact our international marketing and promotion personnel at EJEAS using the following email:

 Email: [email protected]