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EJEAS 6PCS F6 With Suitcase_Referee 6-Way Mesh Communication System

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Including 6pcs F6, 6 sets of referee accessories (headphones/arm bag/charging cable), and a portable suitcase

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Product name
Referee communication system
100% Waterproof Intercom
Music style
Stereo Headset
Bluetooth Function
1. The referee intercom using MESH technology. Good signal, strong penetration, no more disconnection when the referee is running on the field and no more disconnection when the referee leaves.
2. Support 2-6 people mesh group talking
3. Intercom distance covers the entire soccer field, covering a diameter of 400m
4. Within the effective distance, you can freely form a group, and after disconnection, you can automatically connect with any user in the front and back of the group; after leaving, the internal automatically connect into a group, and after coming back, you can join and automatically connect at any location.
5. High encryption, except for the same time pairing outside any machine can not enter the intercom; and with the same nearby group of judges do not interfere with each other
6. Support mic mute
7. Support software upgraded
8. 1200mAh battery
9. IP67 waterproof
10. Easy operation, not easy to accidentally touch
11. Type-C connector, support charging, earphone, and upgradation.
12. New mesh technology. High technical threshold, difficult to imitate by peers, with invention patents, strong technical barriers and promotion advantages.

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