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EJEAS V6C_Universal Bluetooth Intercom, Bluetooth 5.1, with 1 cut 5, 2 people talk in real time

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1 switch 5, 2 people real-time intercom

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  • Robert Burris

    Instructions foe pairing could be clearer, but the pairing is fairly easy. I recommend including the belt clips. There are many kinds of referees who will use this technology.

  • Billy

    Only used it around the house, but so far so good. The sound is much clearer than our old walkie-talkies. And the weight is lower.

  • Janeth E.

    I ordered these to use for two way communication between on-field sports officials. They work great; they are loud and clear, they are easy to synch and batteries last a long time. Others I have used were very difficult to synch, in some cases never completed and were of no use. These cost far less and work much better; I bought two for about one third the price of one of the others. They are marketed for motorcycle use and come with mic and speakers for helmet use. I just ordered the appropriate headsets for field use and I was ready to go. I’m sure they work great for cycle use too but I haven’t used them for that. I use them almost every day and highly recommend them.

  • Martin Donati

    I have been using the V6C for my team’s games, and it has been a game-changer. The clear audio quality allows me to communicate important instructions to the referees, ensuring smooth and fair gameplay. It has significantly improved the overall coordination and efficiency on the field. I highly recommend the ejeas referee intercom for any sports event!

  • Mike

    I bought it for ice hockey referee, I am happy with these comms. The V6C has transformed the way we officiate ice hockey games. In such a physically demanding sport, the ability to share information seamlessly among referees without leaving the ice is invaluable. It has not only improved the accuracy of decisions but also increased the safety of players, as we can quickly address potential penalties or injuries.

  • E. Dentone

    I like to put them in my front pocket, but there are also belt clips and arm bands. I discovered that I have worked with other referees that sweat a lot more than I do. When they put it in their front pockets and they sweat, it tends to cause problems. Almost like they are underwater. Not sure if it is the unit or the headset that is the issue, so for those heavy sweaters, I recommend a belt clip or arm band. And also have some tape to stick the headset to your face as the headset unit is fine, but if you run around a lot, it is easy to have it dislodged. Would love it if the headset had an Apple type headphone instead of the old circular ear pieces, but hey, they work well for the price.

    Hope you all can use it and have the success I have had with these, would certainly buy them again.

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